This tour takes its name from the open-top jeeps that will drive you in both safety and comfort. At this all-day tour, after taking you from your hotel around 08:30am, generally the first stop is the remains of Tlos Ancient City, where as indicated by prevalent thinking and local legends, the well known Pegasus (the winged steed) once lived. Next stop is Yakapark, which is a secured national park and it’s knowned for its fish ranch. This is the best place to taste genuine Turkish hotcakes and to see the water running from the mountains, right next to lovely tropical patio nurseries.


On the way to Yakapark, you will drive through the neighboring towns where you can see the genuine Turkish way of life, with a surprise by town people who are waiting ready to wet you! You will enjoy it to the fullest with your friends, your family or colleagues.

Saklıkent (Gorge) is the second longest ravine in Europe. It is 18km long and 300 meters high. With a 20 meter high footbridge, you are driving into the ravine, where masses of super cold spring water spouts down the stones framing a furious stream which you can cross with the assistance of a rope driving you into the Gorge where you can stroll around and investigate. You will then have an open buffet lunch while sitting on the stages with the waterway running behind you.


Saklıkent (Gorge) is a spot that must be seen at least once in your lifetime. Mostly all the tour packages includes this place to their lists. After Saklıkent (Gorge) you will go to the mud showers which contain sulfur, a substance that is exceptionally good for your skin.


At the end of your energizing day, you will visit Çalış Beach or Patara (depending on the tours route), where you will have the opportunity to sunbathe on the lovely sandy shoreline and cool yourself off in the Mediterranean Sea, before hading back at around 18.30 pm. The entire day is caught on camera and you can buy the footage by the end of the day.


This tour is available from 1st of April to 31st of October.

Pick up Places and Times

  • Ölüdeniz - 08:15
  • Hisarönü - 08:30
  • Fethiye - 08:45
  • Çalış - 08:30



Open buffet lunch



Entry fee to Saklıkent Gorge