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Meis, Kastelorizo as its one of the best known other names, is a small Greek island located in the Eastern Mediterranean, almost halfway between Meis and Antalya. It is six kilometers long and three kilometers wide, with a surface of 9.2 km². It has a triangular shape, and is oriented from NE to SW.

Meis is the principle Greek island nested in the middle of a cluster of Greek islands in the area. The island was colonised by Dorian Greeks during the Hellenistic period and has been occupied by several nations throughout its troubled history: Greek, Italian, British, French…

Starting from the end 19th century;fishing, shipping and the beautiful mansions along the coast made a great contribution to island’s development.

During your visit, you may enjoy a nice sightseeing over its historical places and museums, take a swim in its turquoise and clean waters and take a boat trip to Blue Cave.

While you are in Meis, we strongly advise you to have lunch and try different food from Greek cuisine. 

During summer period, starting from first of April until the end of October, there is ferry between Kaş and Meis everyday. 

The ferry leaves from Kaş marina at 10:00 and arrives Meis Port at 10:20.  Then, for the return journey, the ferry leaves Meis Port at 16:00 and arrives at Kaş marina at 16:20. 

According to Greece Customs Office, you need to have a valid visa to enter Meis. As Greece as a member of European Union, the citizens of EU countries do not need an extra visa. 

In order to make sure you have a valid visa, please contact us. 

Those without a valid visa should contact us at least four days in advance. 

Meis is located only 2 km away from Kaş which makes it an easy ferry route to arrive in atmost 20 minutes. 

The capacity of our ferry is 196 people. The ferry has a  closed saloon on the first floor and  an open saloon on the second floor. 

The atmosphere inside the ferry is safe and comfortable for children and babies.

You can make your reservation filling the form on the Ferry Ticket Section. 

The form you fill in will be checked and confirmed by us. As soon as we confirm, you will have a confirmation e-mail.

Yes, we pick you up from where you stay in the morning and take you to Kas Harbour. Then, in the evening we drop you off back to your accommodation. This service is available for those staying in Kas.

If you are staying in a different town of Turkey such as Fethiye, Patara, Marmaris, Kalkan, etc. please contact us regarding your accommodation.

You have to be at Kas Harbour at least an hour prior to your journey.

As legal documents, you must bring your passport, visa documents and ferry ticket. Apart from these, if you are planning to swim, make sure you have your swim suits. If you plan to wander around the island, surely bring your hat and sunglasses.

According to Greece Customs Office, you need to have a valid visa to enter Meis. In order to apply for visa you need to contact us at least four days in advance.

You may book one way ferry from Kas? to Meis or Meis to Kas; same day return starting from either Kas or Meis; open return as different dates of departure and arrival both from Kas and Meis.

No, departure fee and entrance fee for the countries are not related with companies. Therefore, they are not included in the price.