Apart from the Lycian Way, friends who go here can also walk the Fethiye Alternative Walking Trails, which have yellow-red signs and whose signs we can see in various sections, prepared by Fethiye Municipality with Ersin Demirel. We didn't walk most of it but the signs are of good quality and watchable in most parts. It is important to be able to observe the paths in case of a possible loss of sign, as the tracks are not as intensely walked as the Lycian Way. Ersin Demirel should be thanked for this work.  We have gathered the tracks, which we have given the Wikiloc link below, from his work with the municipality. Also, Nihat Tokdil, who knows the region very well, which we met in Kabak in 2015, helped us determine these sections. 

Of course, we will add our own observations as we walk, but as you read these lines, we decided to make a compilation without waiting for our pleasure and push you before us.

In fact, our main purpose of going to this region is the Lycian Way, but for those who do not want to leave the coast as the weather starts to get warmer, daily beach trails or Kayaköy tracks can be recommended for those who will stay in Fethiye. Although the Lycian Way seems to start from Ovacık, with the addition of 2 additional tracks (2-day walk) to Hisarçandır in Antalya, the Lycian Way started to continue until Konyaaltı. In fact, there is a similar situation on the Fethiye side, which is the starting point. The entrance we all know in Ovacık actually extends to Ovacık after Fethiye-Kayaköy. There is even a yellow sign that we know around Kayaköy. In the meantime, we also heard that the signs in some sections were changed by the operators, as was the case on the Lycian Way.

To summarize under the headings, as an alternative to the Lycian Way tracks on the Fethiye side;

- Ölüdeniz - Kayaköy - Gemiler Bay - Afkule Monastery - Fethiye

- Babadag summit exits and Pinara Ancient City over Faralya - Kirme

- Faralya - Kabak (from the beach)

- Kabak -  Balartlı Beach - Kalabantia (Insuyu) - Ottoman Cistern (Lycian Way Sidyma-Gey junction/Sancaklı Mevkii/Avlan Mah.)
-  Ottoman Cistern -  Kalabantia (Insuyu) - Asarardi Beach (Ge Village beaches)

- We can specify the landing sections to Büyük Çakıl beach via Gey/Bel/Yediburunlar.

In addition, an alternative walk to the very impressive Pinara Antique city, which is further inland over the Babadağ summit, can be added as an extra. In Pinara, which remains from the Lycian period and where Roman influences are relatively less visible compared to the cities on the coast, rock tombs resembling bird nests, an ancient theatre, agora and odeion can be seen.