The Lycian Way

This article is for all of the people who is in love with trekking and hiking, who are seeking a getaway from monotonous and busy life, who is in search of their true identity, who desires to know themselves, true self, who are seeking an unusual therapy, who wants to find peace in a very beautiful way, who likes to get rid of the excessive energy built up over the years. Just gather round and discover how one single decision on taking a route starting from Fethiye can change your life forever for the better.

There is a way, to all your daily problems, to your exhaustion. We even know some of you don’t get the same taste from life anymore. You forgot there was joy in life. And we know the way to earn it back! And we are glad to share it with you. You can not imagine how a 21-day long walk into the wild could change your life.

The Lycian Way is the first long-distance trekking road in our scenic country; Turkey. This ancient way starting from Fethiye all the way to Antalya is 535 kilometers long and every step you will take is full of history with Ancient civilizations and their preserved cities. With 25 kilometers a day it can be completed in 21 days in solitude among the outstanding preserved nature and sea scenery.

Tour starting from Fethiye, you will get to see 19 different Ancient civilizations’ ruins along the way and each is unique in its own way. You will have the chance to swim and detoxify in every famous Aegean beaches and cove. The outstandingly beautiful Lycian Way has many things to offer you and, in the end, you will be a new person If you accept its gifts.

The ancient tour starting from Fethiye is referred as one of the 10 best long trekking routes in many worldwide known sources. The track thoroughly marked and well taken care of by sponsor organizations and volunteers and many extra routes are added each year to the Lycian way. The route has 3000 years of history and you get to see famous and fascinating ancient cities which we can list as; Pınara, Sidyma, Pydnai, Letoon, Xsantos, Phellos, Antiphellos, Apollonia, Aperlai, Theimussa, Simena, Myra, Sura, Belos,

Limyra, Gagae, Olympos, Phaselis, İdyros and so on.

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Every year thousands of people walk this road from Fethiye to Antalya. They leave with many friendships and memories and when they find the chance, they return to The Lycian Way again. It is a big step to being fit and a healthy life. It became a sacred ritual for thousands of people who experienced this route. If you want to become a part of nature and experience to see the fascinating, and outstanding views or intrigued even just a little bit, you know what to do. We would be really glad to plan your Lycian Road adventure with you as Fethiye Lovers Travel Agency!

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