This is the first post of our weekly blog entries about the area of Fethiye's natural and historical beauty, and the idea of this weekly series comes from our desire to be the best in our field, tourism, and provide to you the finest service. Our job is to make sure that you get to taste the most exceptional experience in the time you will spend on the unrivalled Aegean coasts. The Ancient city of Telmessos, in other words, the land of lights, and today known as Fethiye is a great starting point for The Heaven Route we prepared for you.

The must-see city of Ancient civilizations is a district of Muğla Province in the Aegean Region. The town is located 54 kilometres away from the nearest airport in Dalaman. You can benefit from our airport transfer service as an easy and comfortable way of transportation. With our experienced drivers, and comfortable vehicles, we offer our customers the best airport transfer services in Fethiye. We suggest you to visit the link below to learn more about the benefits of our airport transfer services!

As soon as you arrive in Fethiye, you will realise that this city is blessed with breathtaking waters in every tone of blue. The famous long Çalış Beach, 4 km from the city centre, is a perfect place to watch sunsets and sunrises. You can finally feel at peace and let go all the responsibilities you were carrying on your shoulders while relaxing in its calming waters. You can discover the magical diving spots like Sarıyarlar Cove and get the chance to see and swim together with its little inhabitants; the golden seahorses. You can visit the Lycian Sarcophagus, Fethiye Castle, Gemile Beach and Island, Lycian Way, Ancient City of Telmessos, Amintaş Rock Tombs etc. And it does not end here. This enchanting city has so much to offer. We suggest you to visit our website for more information about the beautiful nature of Fethiye, and the tours & activities we offer! You can simply click the link below for a fun and relaxing holiday.

In our next posts, we will continue to give more information about the visiting spots around Fethiye and beyond. For a comfortable and experience in your time in Fethiye, we offer you our reliable Rent A Car services. You can select the vehicle for the period you desire. For detailed information about our Rent-A-Car services please visit the link below.

Keep following us on our blog for our next posts about Fethiye. We will be covering the natural and historical beauty of the area. As Fethiyelovers crew, we wish you a relaxing holiday!