What is a better summer plan than having a 5 star trip, visiting all the nearby beaches of Fethiye, a wonder of nature, as you wish and with the great comfort of having a car at your service? While everyone is breaking a sweat imagine wandering beach to beach, enjoying a car ride, cooling down under the air conditioning without worrying about the busses and transportation at Fethiye. That is why we, Fethiye Lovers Rent a Car, are here.

We know that a holiday where you have the option to decide where to go, when to go and how much time you want to spend there, is a priceless one. Did you know that you can visit nearly virgin beaches not corrupted by facilities? Imagine this. Let’s take 200-meter-long Worldwide famous protected area of Kabak Cove. Visiting there would be an unforgettable experience. There is a catch. It is a 1-hour long ride with a bus from the city center, plus since any facility is not presentcarrying your food, water and other necessary things can turn your trip into a nightmare under the hellish heat. This is where our Fethiye car rental services come handy. Once you are away from everything, intertwined with scenic nature you will know it is worth it by heart. As for the solution, renting a car will not only save your day but you will save time and make your holiday one to remember.

Let’s say while you are chilling and getting all the vitamin D from the Sun, someone whispered in your ears that there was an Ancient City Ruins by an amazing beach called Patara and it would be shame to not visit, you are thrilled and want to check it out. Instead of stressing about how to go Patara which is located 74 km away, call us to rent a car, hop into the comfortable car, and go there just because you can.

As we said once you are in Fethiye you will see that there are many coves, beaches, cute little villages and cultures, Ancient Cities and Ruins, clubs, cafes, bars and restaurants, unique shops you can’t run into in big cities and artists. Located in the Heart of Agean Region you definitely shouldn’t only stick to the center of Fethiye, there are many things that Fethiye offers you. Take it. Pay a visit to Karaot Beach, Katrancı Cove, Kıdrak Beach, Ölüdeniz, Çalış Beach, Butterfly Valley(Kelebekler Vadisi) and many more.

Make your own decisions and your own memories at Fethiye. We are here for you to make your decisions and memories the best ones so far. Make it the best holiday ever with our Fethiye Rent a Car service!

Click the link for more detailed information about our “Fethiye Rent-a-Car” services. Don’t worry if you aren’t interested in renting a car.  Don’t worry, we aren’t only a Fethiye Rent a Car company, we are also a Fethiye Travel Agency! We also arrange unforgettable tours and events all around Fethiye for you! Go to our “Fethiye Tours” page to discover the amazing opportunities we provide!

Fethiye Lovers Travel Agency & Rent a Car wishes everybody an unforgettable vacation at Fethiye!