In this week’s post, we would like to introduce to you an amazing resort destination which its beaches picked by The Times as the best open space in 2008. The hidden treasure of the Mediterranean Sea and Aegian Region. It is known to be the home to the ancient city called Kaunos. Get ready to know everything about Dalyan, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Fethiye. You can check our Daily tours for more information on this outstanding and unique destination at Fethiye.

        We will tell you what makes Dalyan such a great place. In the lively tourist attraction, Dalyan, the concept of peace and serenity has come alive. It is located on top of a canal connecting Köyceğiz Lake and Mediterranean Sea. Dalyan has a maze-like delta forming as the river flow leaves its mouth and enters the sea, as a consequence this feature creates a beautiful and unique landscape. With a 5 kilometer golden-sanded beach, you can enjoy both sea water and fresh water in Iztuzu Beach separating two water body.

Between famous Fethiye and just as famous Marmaris, Dalyan, is showing off with its emerald forests. It is completely a great representative of wilderness, unpolluted sea and preserved history. With a population of five thousand, Dalyan is tranquil in the winter, alive and kicking during summer yet full of peace of mind in every season of the year.

Mountains surrounding Dalyan cuts the wind and results in a calm and relaxing climate. As a result of a great climate, swimming season lasts from April to November. Dalyan is an old fishing town and gets its name from fishing stakes. This wonderful destination is famous for thermal springs, mud baths, characteristic rock-cut King tombs, village markets, and local products.

        If you are in love with history, you should definitely visit the ancient city of Kaunos which is a World heritage site. Kaunos is believed to be built in the 4th century BC and after used in Roman Empire times as well. The city was constructed on terraces; significant religious structures like Baselius Kaunios TempleApollon Sanctuary, and Demeter Sacred Rocks on one side and BathTheatre and other structures including Palaestra on a large terrace which is called Upper City on the other. Its characteristic rock-cut King tombs are more than worth seeing.

Iztuzu Beach is the golden star in the country. In this long and rather thin beach becomes a barrier between two water bodies; one sea water and the other is fresh water. And at nights a wonderful phenomen of nature takes place in this enchanted sand. Sea turtles known as Caretta Carettas crawl out of the sea to lay eggs to hatch every night especially between April and July. The area is declared as a nature protection area and further efforts are being provided to protect caretta carettas. You can experience this beautiful occurrence and watch newly hatched carettas finding their way to the sea. Don’t get surprised if a little turtle friend passes you by while swimming in the blue waters of İztuzu.

In short, Dalyan, located between Fethiye and Marmaris, is a calm tourist attraction for those who likes to rest their heads during their vacations. Dalyan offers a relaxing holiday with its perfect climate, crystal clear waters surrounding it, and preserved historical locations around it!

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