As a travel agency & rent a car company operating at Fethiye, we will be giving information about the touristic and historic areas, and about the tours around Fethiye. In this week’s blog post, we are writing about Ölü Deniz (Blue Lagoon), also known as the God’s gift to the World.

14 kilometers of pine forest away from Fethiye City Centre, Blue Lagoon (Ölüdeniz) is a wonderful and lively area. At the end of the beautiful pine forest lies a marvelous beach. Surrounded by a natural beauty, Blue Lagoon has a crystal clear, motionless, see-weed free, and warm water. Blue Lagoon offers unmatched beauties, and breath-taking adventures for you. After a work full of winter season, you can just lay down and relax, or swim, or can enjoy the lively environment with your friends and family of Blue Lagoon. There are many restaurants, bars, shopping centers, luxury hotels & resort in the area.

We highly recommend you to consider taking a paragliding flight starting from Babadag, and ending at the marvelous Blue Lagoon Beach. Paragliding starts from 1700 meters of height from the ground. After a breath-taking paragliding flight of 30 minutes you land on the magnificent Blue Lagoon. you should consider checking our website for this breath-taking adventure: Paragliding from Babadag

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